5 Valentine's Day Directed Drawing Tutorials for Kids (2024)

When Valentine's Day comes around, I know that both parents and teachers alike are looking for fun, quick and easy Valentine's Day arts and crafts or directed drawing tutorials. In this blog post you're going to find 5 different Valentine's day art ideas for kids that you can create at home or in a classroom using choice art mediums. Just grab something to draw with and something to draw on and join me in creating these fun Valentine's Day directed drawings so your kids can be inspired for the holiday.

Valentine's Day Directed Drawings for Kids

As a family you can explore these 5 Valentine’s Day Directed Drawing Tutorials that require no prep and can allow you to give students the choice of picking something to draw with and something to color with or draw on. These video tutorials are perfect for families or homeschool art programs because they can be turned into artworks, or drawn onto cards to give to families or kindness cards to fill buckets. This is a great place to start to find ideas for Valentine’s Day art or Valentine’s Day art projects and crafts as they can be made as big or as quick and small as you’d like.

Valentine's Day Drawing for Kids

The first drawing to explore is this cute Valentine’s Day Dinosaur as an art idea for drawing with kids. You can use any choice mediums and do quick drawings or use pastels and make it an artwork. Another idea is to draw this on the front of cards for special and unique Valentine’s Day cards that students can give to their family or guardians.

Valentine's Day Kawaii Cat Drawing for Kids

This is a super cute, quick and easy drawing tutorial for your kids or your classroom that I think you'll love. Let's draw a kawaii style cat! Don't forget to subscribe to the Ms Artastic YouTube Channel for weekly drawing tutorials for free.

Valentine's Day Hearts

Next, this is a heart project that allows kids to create Valentine’s Day arts and crafts in an emoji or pop art style. This fun and simple drawing tutorial is quick and easy and is a great confidence booster for students as it will be one that is accessible by a lot of abilities or ages. No matter if they are beginning artists or advanced, this is a fun drawing tutorial for kids to follow along with and feel successful. Use it as an artwork or drawing for fun.

Principles of Design Pattern & Repetition, Yayoi Kusama Art Project Valentine's Day Heart Art Lesson

This Valentine’s day Art Idea for Kids is perfect for not only exploring the art making style of Artist Yayoi Kusama, but also for exploring the principles of design, pattern and repetition. Be sure to grab some art making mediums and explore this unique Valentine’s Day artwork.

Valentine's Day Heart Candy, Principle of Design: Proportion Art Lesson

This Valentine’s Day art idea for kids is great for not only providing a directed drawing tutorial, but also diving into creating art that explores proportion and using proportion in a way to make a person look really small and a Valentine’s Day candy really big. Not only are you creating Valentine’s day art with kids, but they’re learning about the principle of design proportion too.


These Valentine's Day Directed drawing ideas are great for making art together as a family or to integrate into your homeschool program. If you are looking for a large Online Art Lesson library that also includes art lessons for your kids at home in theme of Holidays and Seasons, then be sure to check out Artastic Kids Online Streaming Art Lesson membership. Find new bundles of lessons added every month to your ever growing library so that you can pick a video and play at home- perfect for quality family time, a classroom, or your homeschool program. If you are looking for Valentine's Day art lessons, there are lots of them there for your family! Learn more about Artastic Kids by clicking here.

5 Valentine's Day Directed Drawing Tutorials for Kids (2)

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Valentine's Day Arts and Crafts for Kids

Valentine's Day is a wonderful opportunity for parents and teachers to engage children in fun and creative arts and crafts activities. In the following article, the author presents 5 different Valentine's Day art ideas for kids that can be easily created at home or in a classroom using various art mediums. The article emphasizes the use of directed drawing tutorials and choice art mediums to inspire children for the holiday. The art ideas include Valentine's Day directed drawings for kids, Kawaii cat drawing, heart projects in emoji or pop art style, and art lessons inspired by the work of artist Yayoi Kusama. The article also provides insights into integrating art activities into homeschool programs and family art nights.

Principles of Design in Valentine's Day Art

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5 Valentine's Day Directed Drawing Tutorials for Kids (2024)


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